Thursday, March 19, 2015

To fix or not to fix

I found this pattern on pinterest and it is a very beautiful pattern..... but I noticed something as I was crocheting it and I have pointed it out on here. The arrow is pointing to the fact that the pattern is not centered with the rest of the doily. I don't know if I am just being really nit picky but I had to fix that. Maybe the pattern is suppose to be that way but it seemed not right to do it that way. 
So, here is the picture with it fixed - in my opinion anyway :-) 

I still need to add on the individual corners and it is not ironed at this point but you get the gist of it anyway. Do you think that lining it up helps or would you have just continued on with the pattern as is?

Don't forget to visit Justquiltin because she is starting the new BOM this weekend. I love these cats on the quilt. 

I corrected alot of the mug rug patterns on Craftsy that I have had up for better then a year now. I was alerted to a problem with them when a very nice lady named Regina emailed me about it. Apparently the files are corrupted and not printing correctly so hopefully now that is resolved and craftsy will be sending notice to all those who have bought the pattern in the past to download the updated versions of them.
I have not got an update on the serenity harbour sampler for this month yet, as I have not managed to get the section for this month done yet but will post it as soon as I get that done.
Have a great rest of the day.........