Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Progress on a few things

Here is my progress on the Serenity Harbor Sampler.
Waiting patiently for the next part now

I had this plant given to me awhile ago and did not know what it was. I have since found out from my facebook friends that this is a peace lily plant. Loved it when it started blooming - nice surprise for me.

Here is another item that I am working on. This one is an antique counter pane pattern and the block as you can see is made in 4 parts. This is the first of the 4. Pattern is here

And here is my progress on the Lancaster county block of the month. The 2nd block is already out but I have not managed to get it done as of yet. This one here still needs a bit of sewing done on it.

Information is here

Have a great rest of your day. I am off to work now