Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A World of Gidget's

About 2 days ago, I had a lady send a friend request on facebook. I was suprised to see it was another person named Gidget (which of course is my name) so I assumed it was because we had the same name and I accepted the request.
And then..... they kept coming. So far there are 138 Gidget's on facebook in the Gidget's Unite facebook page. I really am stunned and they are from all over the world. What a blast to see that many people named Gidget.
Wish I had known them all when I was growing up but ofcourse that would not have happened unless for facebook. I am really enjoying seeing their profiles and comments. What a crazy little surprise to lighten my days.

On another note, I am almost finished my part 1 of the Serenity Harbour Sampler.

Will post a picture of it within the next day or so - just a few more stitches....
Have a great rest of your day!!