Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Interesting Weather

Wind and rain...... So much of it. The waves have been so big that I can see about 3 ft high clumps of seaweed that have been thrown up from the waves crashing so hard. The power was out for about 4 hours today but back on now...Thank goodness. I took a ride with my neighbour today to see what had happened down the road but it was not as bad as I had expected and only a couple of trees down. The flooding here is not so bad as in Comox or Courtenay but the ground is very saturated and puddles are definitely accumulating. Loving the warm weather though, it was 13 degrees here today - very nice.

So today I was working by the daylight coming in the window and working on my Carriage House Samplers Pattern of the Mairmaid's Song.

I really love this sampler. I am hoping to get it done before the New Year cause that is when I will be starting the 12 month sampler - By The Bay Needlework sampler Here
Serenity Harbour Sampler - Just beautiful, if you have not signed up for it, there is still time to do that. It starts in the first week of January. I love all her stuff and have ordered patterns from her before.
I think I have ll my floss sorted out for that. I found a seller on ebay that has some very beautiful overdyed floss so I have picked out that and it is now on its way. Her page is here 
I have also been working on a new pattern which I will show you a little later on this year as it is almost done now.
I did a bit of snooping for some old time crochet patterns and found a very pretty one but it is a bit hard to follow along with the pattern. I seem to have overcome it but still have a few rounds to go yet before I get it totally finished.
 WOW don't know if I pinned this already...but it's worth a second pin!!! has a pattern on the page...scroll down a bit to find it!!!
Pattern is here 

This picture is taken not too far from my place, at Spider Lake, there have been so many reports of cougars around here this year. Really amazing but just means we all need to take a few precautions when we are out. Love having the wild animals around us but better to know if they are near so that we can keep the kids safe.

I am hearing that we are in for more rain and wind again tonight so please keep your fingers crossed that we don't lose the hydro again :-)
Have a great rest of your day.....