Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hello, Long Time no Blogging

I have had quite a year. We won't go in to the sordid details but I am back. So, what did you do all summer? I have been working on so many things here, don't know where to start really.

The Love Entwined quilt is still in its early stages but I have been working on it as often as possible
Here are a few pics of my progress (which has been slow) Yes, I do have the centre done but took it back out for now. Need to sew it down yet.

I found a really crazy crochet block pattern on pinterest and had to buy it to try it. It is made from the outside to the inside. Yep, and even after I bought the pattern, I did not see how it could work but it certainly did.
This is the starting row.

 And the whole thing is only 5 rows and it's done.
Here are the next steps and you can see how it kinda turns back in on itself and then you just pick up the loops and draw them all together. After, just stitch a row of dc's and your block is finished.


 This one is also very beautiful

The pattern is located here.

This year we had a very tiny and wonderful Thanksgiving. My son and grand daughter came over and we all had dinner at my mom's place. It was great !!
Photo  Photo

I realize that this is a bit of a mish mash of things here, but there is so much happened in the last 6 or 7 months. I am in an apartment with a balcony out front that overlooks the ocean. It is so beautiful here and even though I am on the wrong side of the highway, I still love it. See so many interesting things and the sound of the waves rocking in are great.

Not too far down the highway, we stopped and had a look at all the sea lions taking a break

Also, had a wild storm here about 2 weeks ago and you can see that here.

A couple of other projects that I have on the go are these bom's from this year.

Sycamore Rose

And also downloaded the pattern from the yahoo group for P3 designs, she has so many beautiful patterns. I loved this free BOM so much that when I saw her newest design,
Photo: Hi All,
It's time for the last installment in my Free BOM Forever Blooming 2014 Block of the Month.

I just up loaded blk #9 Scallop Border. You can still get block #8 if you haven't downloaded it yet but it will go away tomorrow. Block #9 will be up for free download until Oct 1 2014. The it will be remove so get it now while it's free.

All the previous block are for sale on my web site in the Downloadable products category.

keep Stitching
Pearl P3 
which is this one below. I signed up for it as a BOM starting in March I believe. Absolutely love it.
Photo: Hi All,
Well I am finally Done with the new quilt Baltimore Spring. The patterns are at the printer and should be here Oct 1

You can Pre-Order the patterns now and they will ship as soon as thy arrive,

You can view the pattern on my web site
I know you'll ask so I have listed the prices below

Pattern Will ship as soon as they arrive
Printable template download be activated when pattern ships
Your credit card will not be charged until the pattern ship.

Baltimore Spring 13 pattern set - pattern only  $78.00
Baltimore Spring  pattern & 43 page Template Download set $113.
Baltimore Spring Button Set $3.60
Baltimore Spring Color Guide Download $10.00
Baltimore Spring Free Inking Download.

Hope I covered all the question you might have.

Keep Stitching
Pearl P3

Her facebook page link is here, go check out it out

Some unusual visitors drop by here once in awhile
 and they sleep in the weirdest places
Plant pot on the neighbours picnic table.

Have a great rest of the day......