Sunday, April 13, 2014

Crochet - Doily Patterns - Assorted Patterns - Snow Wreath Doily

Crochet - Doily Patterns - Assorted Patterns - Snow Wreath Doily:

Patricia Kristoffersen's Exquisite Doilies
Snow Wreath Doily

I have been re-kindling my love relationship with crochet and have been scouring the internet for patterns. As you know if you follow this blog, I love free stuff, but sometimes you just have to buy certain patterns. I just purchased the 2 above for such a minimal cost. The first doily was 2.29 with it being an instant download and I just love Patricia Kristoffersen's doily book which was 5.00 with it also being an instant download.

So, I have the snowflake doily halfway done and ran out of cotton. So, tomorrow I am off to town to get more.

Has anyone been called in for Jury Duty before? I just got a letter this week stating I have to attend jury duty on May 26 and I was suppose to get back to them within 5 days. Well, the letter went to another address and I just got it on Friday. The letter was post marked more then 5 days ago so I have to go in now and get that straightened out. Hope I am not already in trouble. That would be my luck lol. But I will not be living in Sask as of May 6th so won't be able to attend it anyway.

Also, I have such big news going on in my life. After 7 years of living in Saskatchewan, I am going home to the Island. I just got everything straightened out for my accommodations and can you believe I have a balcony that faces directly out across the road to the Georgia Strait. I can walk across the road and touch the ocean. I am just ecstatic about it all. I have my"at home job" that I start on the 3rd of June and had to kinda rush to get everything set up as far as place to live, telephone set up and internet but I think I managed it all and I am just so happy.
Saskatchewan is a nice place to live but I have missed the island and my friends from there for so long .... I have a great friend there named Char, I love her so much. We always went out on Fridays for Won Ton soup at the local restaurant. And hiking up in the mountains was one of the things I loved doing.
So I am leaving Sask on the 6th of May and heading out on my journey. I have a lot of packing and sorting out what I am taking and what goes but it is a good thing for me to go through the changes and get back to where I belong.
I will post pictures as I travel and share the drive with you..
Hope you have had a great Sunday.
I am just so far behind on my quilting stuff right now ....but I will post more as I make any progress.
Have a great rest of the day....

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