Sunday, April 13, 2014

Crochet - Doily Patterns - Assorted Patterns - Snow Wreath Doily

Crochet - Doily Patterns - Assorted Patterns - Snow Wreath Doily:

Patricia Kristoffersen's Exquisite Doilies
Snow Wreath Doily

I have been re-kindling my love relationship with crochet and have been scouring the internet for patterns. As you know if you follow this blog, I love free stuff, but sometimes you just have to buy certain patterns. I just purchased the 2 above for such a minimal cost. The first doily was 2.29 with it being an instant download and I just love Patricia Kristoffersen's doily book which was 5.00 with it also being an instant download.

So, I have the snowflake doily halfway done and ran out of cotton. So, tomorrow I am off to town to get more.

Has anyone been called in for Jury Duty before? I just got a letter this week stating I have to attend jury duty on May 26 and I was suppose to get back to them within 5 days. Well, the letter went to another address and I just got it on Friday. The letter was post marked more then 5 days ago so I have to go in now and get that straightened out. Hope I am not already in trouble. That would be my luck lol. But I will not be living in Sask as of May 6th so won't be able to attend it anyway.

Also, I have such big news going on in my life. After 7 years of living in Saskatchewan, I am going home to the Island. I just got everything straightened out for my accommodations and can you believe I have a balcony that faces directly out across the road to the Georgia Strait. I can walk across the road and touch the ocean. I am just ecstatic about it all. I have my"at home job" that I start on the 3rd of June and had to kinda rush to get everything set up as far as place to live, telephone set up and internet but I think I managed it all and I am just so happy.
Saskatchewan is a nice place to live but I have missed the island and my friends from there for so long .... I have a great friend there named Char, I love her so much. We always went out on Fridays for Won Ton soup at the local restaurant. And hiking up in the mountains was one of the things I loved doing.
So I am leaving Sask on the 6th of May and heading out on my journey. I have a lot of packing and sorting out what I am taking and what goes but it is a good thing for me to go through the changes and get back to where I belong.
I will post pictures as I travel and share the drive with you..
Hope you have had a great Sunday.
I am just so far behind on my quilting stuff right now ....but I will post more as I make any progress.
Have a great rest of the day....

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cherry Tree Part 3 - the sides

Yay, its Sunday. Day of rest, for some, day of sewing for others. I have been working on some crochet stuff lately. I like really interesting blocks that I leave pretty neutral colored so you can really see the emphasis on the pattern and stitching itself. 


These two were free patterns. They really are square but the photo makes them look a bit askew. 
If you are on pinterest you can get these patterns off of my board called crochet. There are links there to the patterns and many more.
I think over the past couple years, with quilting so much, I have burnt myself out. I have many quilts on the go but seem to be putting them aside right now for a bit, in favor of working on other things. And also, the beautiful weather is finally making an appearance so I also like spending time outside right now. 

Did you join up for the quilting gallery mug rug swap this time? My partner is from South Africa. I have only touched base with her once so far but need to get that going. So much to do lately.

Also, I am suppose to be starting a new job. This was one of those things that just dropped in my lap. It is a home based job which I have always thought was a good idea. I use to have my own home based business in British Columbia doing signs and graphic design. I did not too bad considering that I lived out in the sticks. I sold it when I moved to Saskatchewan. Since then I have worked for others almost constantly. But anyways, this job is from Sykes and you can find it on the internet Home Based Work
Most home based work I have found is usually just a scam, they always want money. But if you check out the link this one is a bit different.
So, I have to go through 2 months training first, which you get paid for. I am looking forward to it. 

Next, I should give you the link to the 3rd part of the Cherry Tree pattern which will be the sides. One side is just to print the pattern and then, you need to reverse the other side. You will see if you are collecting or making the pattern, what needs to be done there. I am really bad for giving a great amount of details on my patterns as I figure that a lot of it is just common sense and the other part is that, if you quilt, you will already know what to do. 
So the link is here.

I also received my pattern for the basket quilt Springtime. A very pretty pattern and I now have it on my list and will post as I make progress. LOL I don't think that will be for awhile. 

Have a great rest of the day.....