Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Post

Nuff said !!!!

I have been working on my cherry tree block. The first one of the four and also a bit of knitting. Yeah, knitting and that is one thing I almost never do unless it is a very small pattern but am enjoying a bit of a break and just sitting to knit. I have always admired the tree of life pattern in knitting but when I tried it once before, I failed at it miserably. 
Tree of Life Throw
 The free pattern is a available here

Then, I found this very tiny version and decided to try again. So far not too bad. I only ripped it out once and now I think I have it.
Winter here has been absolutely miserable this year with the cold and blowing winds, but today it is quiet and the sun is shining. 
This week I also finished my Sochi Olympics Mug Rugs and sent them off to my partner in the swap. This was my very first swap and I really liked it and met Karin Street from Kentucky, and we have emailed back and forth since the beginning. When I get an email saying she has received her mug rugs, I will post a picture of them but we will have to wait for that.
This past week has been a sad and interesting one. My brother in law had to make a trip back to Ontario. His brother, who has always been an athletic type and never smoked, went to the gym all the time, sports person, collapsed about a month ago. After being rushed to the ER, he found out that his one lung had collapsed and then it got worse. We now know that he has lung cancer. After being put through 2 rounds of chemo, and no change, he has been sent home. His parents wanted to fly to Ontario to be with him as well but since they are both on meds, the doctor told them they could not fly as the meds could cause clots (unreal) or even result in their death. They have decided that they will take that chance and have booked a flight for Monday. Really, what a horrible situation. 
We also learned yesterday that after being home for awhile, he had to be rushed again to ER as his lung had collapsed again. So, he is back in the hospital and my brother in law with him, so we are all just waiting. What a horrible turn of events. I did not know him well but my heart goes out to his family and my brother in law.

Sadly he passed away yesterday afternoon. May he rest in peace now. 

This week, my ex partner of 20 years got ahold of me. It was strange because I had been going through some old boxes of stuff that I keep hauling around everywhere and came across a picture of him and I in happier days. Just as I was about to put the picture back in with the other pictures, my phoned dinged with a message and guess who it was from?? Really weird eh? 

Anyways... that has been my week. I did not get a whole lot done but maybe next week. 

Here is the picture of the progress on the cherry tree block.

My computer refuses to turn this pic. lol. So I will leave it as is. Have a great Sunday everyone.