Sunday, February 2, 2014

Cherry Tree Installment part one

Happy Sunday.  Hope your day is going well. I am a day late for posting the cherry tree pattern. It is a very big pattern but really not very complicated. The finished size will be 96 x 90 inches.
This will be the first installment but you need 2 of these so you can go ahead and do both.
I used a light beige color on the pattern as you can see in the picture below. You will need in total 4 pieces cut at 36 x 36 inches. This is a bit larger then the actual finished size to give you a bit extra to allow for the piece pulling in a bit with the applique. Plus approx. 3 yards of the tree color and then bits for the birds and also the cherries and leaves. You can stick with one color for the birds, cherries and leaves but I think it would be so much prettier to use bits of scrap colors of the same tones for them.

Also, this will print out over 20 pcs of paper but... the good thing is you only have to print it out once and then you can do your first 2 sections with the pattern and then trace the back of it for the reverse for the last 2 sections. I have added an overlap on all the sections so it should fit well together.

The test size will print on the first page of the pattern so try printing out the first page only to check for size before you print the rest.

Link to the pattern is here. If you have any problems with this link, please feel free to email me.

If you decide to make this pattern, please, please send me pictures of your progress. I would love to see it and will post it on the blog here.

Well, I have had a great week. Met a new friend with the mug rug swap that I am in. I would like to show you pictures on the progress but then it would not be a surprise for my partner Karin.
She sent me to a site that I have never seen before by a knitting designer named Alan Dart. WOW.
You really need to check this site out. I love these patterns and can see me buying more then the 2 that I did yesterday. Link Here

I also spent some time in Weyburn this week visiting my daughter. It is always nice to see her and my grandkids although I don't do it often enough.

So here was my progress on my projects this week.
The Ladies of the Sea block 1
 My new and improved Love Entwined. I won't tell you what happened to the old one :-)

This looks pretty wooly but it was a sheep dog from a pattern I bought on Etsy and it turned out quite well. I gave this to my friend for Christmas but forgot to post it to show you.

And here is the day today with the auto awesome added from Google.

Have a great rest of the day.....