Monday, January 20, 2014

Mimin Dolls

Mimin Dolls: How nice trio!:

This site which I just started following if filled with great tutorials and patterns for mostly dolls, but other items as well. Great site if you have enough time to look at all the great posts.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Elvis again at 16

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Victory Quilt from days gone by

I went to visit my mother today and she is a member of a quilting group in Neudorf, SK. They make quilts for the Canadian Cancer Society and they are always done by hand. My mother never quilted before, although she is interested in learning. So the ladies there are teaching her to quilt by hand. One of the ladies gave her a copy of a paper that had an article about the old Weyburn Mental Institution. It is now been demolished so she kept the article for me to read.
This building was huge, the biggest in Canada when it was built in 1920 but had been sitting empty for years and many people liked to sneak in and get a bit of a scare (myself included)
But it is gone now and so it is fun to read some of the articles about it.
 When the company came in to demolish it, the city of Weyburn were not too interested in saving anything from it but the Museum did end up with some of the remnants. The one thing that the demo company did that I found to be very caring, was to come up with a plan to save the old mural that was painted on the wall in the basement. It was a beautiful depiction of the uprising, not sure which year and depicting small town sask life prior to that uprising. The mural was about 12 ft wide and 3 ft tall but painted directly onto the cement blocks of the wall. There is a lot of info on the internet if you are interested in finding out more.

The other thing that caught my eye was an article about a victory quilt. I am posting that below.


Sorry, the pics are not the greatest but at least you get to see the quilt

Monday, January 13, 2014

First block done

Here is my start to Bouquets for a New Day by Sue Garman.
I also received my Ladies of the Sea Pattern, also by Sue Garman.

I look at the ladies pattern and ask myself " What the Heck? Glutten for punishment or what?"
These ones will take me awhile.


New Mug Rug Pattern

While cruising around on the search engines, I found this really cute game board photo and decided to try making it into a mug rug. I am pretty happy with the results and I will give you a step by step below. The pattern will be for sale on Craftsy after I finish the post here.

Here is what you need if you would like to make this little rug.


Scraps of red and white material
Small bit of black felt
Black fabric paint or dye and small paint brush
Sewing Machine
Needle and white thread
Glue ( I used a glue stick) whichever you prefer.
Glad cling wrap or a piece of Wash away backing
Small amount of quilt batting (about 8 inches square)

First. Cut strips of the red and white fabric. 1.25 inches and about 6 inches long. Sew them together alternating the red and white.

Cut these into 1.25 inch strips again.

Sew all these together alternating the colors once again.


Square this up to 3.25 inches by 3.25 inches.

Now cut white strips of fabric.
1- 2.5 by 3.25 inches
1- 2.0 by 3.25 inches
1- 2.0 by 6.75 inches
1- 2.5 by 6.75 inches

Sew the 2.0 by 3.25 inch strip to the right side and the 2.5 by 3.25 inch to the left side of red and white checkered square like this. One side is wider then the other and you will need this extra distance for the pattern to work right.

Now take the last two strips of white and place the 2.5 by 6.75 inch one to the top of the checkerboard and the 2.0 by 6.75 inch one to the bottom.
It will look like this when you are done.

Take the copy of your pattern - You can get this from Craftsy at my pattern store for 3.00. (It also includes this whole tutorial)
Trace this onto a piece of glad cling wrap or I used floriana. Something that you can see the checkerboard through. A piece of paper may work as well and center the pattern over top the checkerboard then trace around the pattern.

Take this same pattern and trace onto a piece of white fabric for the backing. Cut around the entire pattern leaving an extra .25 inches for a seam allowance.

Take good side to good side and sandwich them together. With the back side on the top of the sandwich add you quilt batting to the top. You can cut the shape out onto you batting if you like or just trim it down later. Take to your machine and sew around the outside of this so it looks like the picture below. (well, except for where I ended up having a chunk out :-) )

Leave the bottom open because we will be adding feet yet and need this to be open.
Reach in between the two good sides of the sheep pattern and turn inside out.

This is what he should look like so far.
Now draw the head, ear and tail on with a pencil. Its ok, you won't see the pencil lines later. Take your black fabric paint and paint them in. Let it dry really good before continuing so that none of the paint or dye transfers onto the other parts.

You can paint the front and back.
Now take your black felt and cut out the legs. I made them 1 inch long and .50 inch wide. You can shape the bottoms a bit to round them out.

Pin under your seam on the sheep first.
Photo  Photo

Put a tiny bit of glue on the tops of the legs and attach them to the back of the sheep so it is easier to hold them in place while you stitch up the bottom opening.

 Stitch up with white thread. Stitch in the ditch around the little checkered game board and your done!

Photo           Photo

Now make yourself a coffee or tea and enjoy your mug rug.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

First Block for the Morning Glory Quilt Along

Block 1 of the Morning Glory Designs Quilt Along for 2014
This is the first block finished. This quilt design is so very pretty. If you have not already checked it out, please visit the link below.

Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year, New starts

Looking back on 2013, it was not one of my better years for sure. The first part of the year was fine but then it bombed out for the last half. I had a break up, I moved, I started a new job and I got laid off from that same job only 3 months after I started it. My health was bad, my truck was messing up at every opportunity. Really it was bad!!
But good thing is that it is over and now 2014 is here and I am hoping for some good things this year. I have been pretty much holed up here in my little place and busy stitching, quilting and mending (myself that is). So, hopefully now I can concentrate more on offering more things on my blog here and start to get myself in a good routine of posting.
I will be posting my cherry tree quilt on the blog here for anyone who is interested and I am setting the date for the 1st of February. It is a take on the old quilt below but of course my version of it.

Quilt in the bottom middle of this.
This is my version in case you missed it on my blog previously this year. 

This one is less folksy but pretty all the same. 

There are a lot of new free BOM out there but I think I have 2 favorites that I would like to make.
This is the first one: 

And this one at sentimental stitches:

But there are quite a few offerings and if you go here:

There is a very good list of them. 

Also, I just ordered 2 patterns that I have just loved for a long time now but did not manage to find the patterns until this last month 
 Ladies Of The Sea

This is ladies of the sea by Sue Garman. Gorgeous!!!

And the other is Bouquets for a New Day
Bouquets for a New Day - Complete Pattern Set

Both are so beautiful, so that will be keeping me stitching for quite awhile and of course I am still working on the Love Entwined by Esther Aliu. I kinda hit a bit of a bump working on that one but new year, so, I will be getting over that bump and carrying on.