Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lone Star from Old pattern

My father came over to give christmas gifts and he also brought some magazines and quilt books for my sister and I. He likes to visit a 2nd hand book shop in Yorkton and since he knows that my sister and I love quilting, he grabs up any quilting books or magazines.
His wife teases him that the lady at the bookshop thinks he is a quilt addict. LOL. Of course my dad just laughs about that.... but he never tells her differently. Anyways... he brought about 30 books and this is one of the magazines pictured above.
Now I have never wanted to do a lone star, they never really appealed to me but this one just stood out to me.
This magazine is from 1983 and it really intrigued me and I wanted to try it. Well, when I get really excited about something, I go at it full tilt and managed to get the lone star completely done today.
I am not really fond of the oranges so I changed them to pinks and I still have quite a bit of work to go before this is completed but so far I love it. I found a tutorial online for the lone star which is made from strips rather then the templates included in the magazine and that really simplified things and I found that it fit together very well. I am grateful that I took the online tutorial for perfect points because it paid off big time for getting the points, well, perfect on this one.
I will post more progress as soon as it happens- which I am hoping will be tomorrow, when I attempt the flower blocks that fit into the spaces of the points.

Have a great rest of the day...