Monday, November 11, 2013

Some History and a Road Trip

Today is Remembrance day and I hope everyone took some time out to remember those that were lost and say respects for them. The pictures below show my grandfather Robert Flemming who was a pilot in WW2 and my grandmother holding my father Robert William. Robert Flemming was killed November 4 and my father was born on November 28th. I cannot imagine how hard it was for my grandmother to have gone through the loss of her husband and the birth of his child all in a month.
 She later remarried Steve Cormier who is the only grandfather that I knew of my fathers side - His picture is also below.
Robert Flemming Lowther
My Grandmother Betty with My Father.
Wedding Day

Steve Cormier

Also, I went on a road trip of sorts this weekend and visited a place called WillowBunch. I have wanted to visit there and see the statue of the Giant that was born and lived in Willow Bunch. While approaching the town, I decided to check out a little more on the history of the Giant. It is a sad tale really but at least a happier ending almost 90 yrs later.
You can read the full story at the link above. 
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Edouard Beaupré - The WillowBunch Giant

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 Home of Edouard Beaupré 1890's