Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bit of this and that

About a week ago or maybe 2 weeks ago now, I was at Value Village in Yorkton and came across a printed rug hooking pattern. It was number 7122 and had Bluenose written on it. Well, has that ever started a crazy internet hunting and research frenzy. I found out that the company started in the late 1800's in Nova Scotia Canada and went until the 1960's. I found a lot of information and some other patterns at this site I think I have found a new love. I found a bluenose hooker for making the rugs online at ebay and of course I had to purchase that. I also found an very interesting book on the subject  ,  Rug Art - Rescued From Oblivion. What a great read and a wonderful story.

So, I have now added a hooked rug pattern up on my craftsy pattern store.
This is the picture of it.

Also, I have kinda been being a tourist in saskatchewan lately. My sister has lived in Melville area on a farm for quite a few years now and has gotten to know many of the people there and different bits about the area. So, the one day she was telling me about the churches in the area that are no longer used but still maintained by a member of the community on a volunteer basis. We decided to visit the one. They are always open and you can go in and some of them are very well kept and others are full of mice. But the one we went was just beautiful

You can see the cemetery in this picture but one thing caught my attention and that was a grave that was purposely set outside the church property. It literally jutted out and had a fence that surrounded it on its own.

 So here is the story. Apparently, this lady committed suicide - the grave has a late 1800s date on it- and therefore could not be buried on the church grounds. But it is sad to see this little jut out fenced area and just one little gravestone in it.
I have found many abandoned cemeteries here in Sask. Here is one

 And another that really tugged at my heart was in a farmers field and really overgrown. The one that stood out was a little child's grave. Sad when someone moves away and has to leave a family member behind. I went on to and located the family that the child belonged to. They moved to the states, a year after the child died and had more children. I emailed some of the names but none seemed to know about this little one. So, maybe they never told them about him.