Saturday, September 21, 2013

Game board pattern 2

Hope your weekend is going well and your getting some sewing/quilting time in.
I have been very busy this week with work but have managed to get the next installment of the game boards small quilt patterns ready for you. I started working on it today and have a partial tutorial for you.

Here is the picture of this game board. 

This one is 24 x 24 inches (roughly) when finished. The blocks finish at 7.25 inches each. This is another one that you can alter and use up some scraps. I designed the pattern in blue but once I got looking at my scraps, I decided to go a different color version.

We will be working on the inner block first. For this you need to find some scraps that you can cut to 1.25 inches wide by 6 inches long. Longer if you want to make more pieces at time. As you can see in the picture below, I have used oranges, yellows and beige, white for my block.

Sew alternate rows of a lighter and darker shade of the color you have picked to use for your block. Each section will be ,75 inches wide by width of fabric scrap that you have used. Cut these down to make sections that are 3 inches by 8 inches. You will need 2 of the ones pictured below and also another one that is alternate with your 2nd color choice and 3 rows of white, 3 rows 2nd color, 3 rows of white.

This is what the block will look like when sewn together using 1/4 inch seam allowance.  You need to make 4 of these blocks. Also, add a strip of a darker material to the top of these blocks. Here you can alter if your strips aren't exactly the right size. The block unfinished should measure 8 inches by 8 inches.

  I forgot to take the picture before I moved on to the next step in the pattern here but you can see that I have added a dark strip to the top of the block here.

Next we need to cut a neutral color for the corner blocks. They should measure 8 x 8 inches and you need 5 of them as you will be using this also in the centre of the board. I have cut out one of the corners. (see pattern picture above)  

I measured 1.5 inches up from the bottom corner point on each side of the square and cut a 2.25 by 2.25 square, cut in half and added it in the corner.

You can see on the picture above this one how it fits onto the middle block. 

This is as far as I got today but I will continue with the tutorial for you tomorrow. 
The stars will be centred on each of the corner squares. The pdf pattern is here for you to download.

You will have to make 2 as they are in the pdf file and 2 that are reversed. 
Make another set for the bottom of the pattern, same as above and I will be posting the centre section hopefully tomorrow for you. Of course, that depends on the internet connection here, (which really sucks)

Have a great rest of the day.... 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Game Board Mini Quilt

I don't know about you but I love those old game boards. I would love to have one but they are so expensive for the good ones. I decided today that I should be able to make a small quilt that resembles them so I searched the internet and came across quite a few that I like.
I made one of the simpler ones today and I will be putting the pattern tutorial below if you are interested in trying it. It is approximately 24 x 24 inches.

Just as an add in here, I have been trying to upload this file since last Tuesday. I don't know what is wrong with my internet but something serious. I have more free patterns but it may take me awhile to get them all up here, so please check back.

I used up some scraps that I had.

First you need some scraps of yellow and red. They only need to be about 12 inches wide. I cut them into 1.75 inches by width of fabric scrap - mine were about 12 inches wide.
I cut 4 of them in yellow and 4 in red.

Sew them together alternating the yellow and the reds. When you have all 8 sewn together, cut them across the strips into 1.75 inch strips again. Sew these all together, making sure that they alternate with the red yellow red yellow
all the way across.

Next you will need 1.5 inch strips of beige or whatever light color scrap you have. Cut 4 of those. 2 to fit across the top and bottom and then 2 for each of the sides.

After those are in place, cut green strips 1.25 inches by the length of the finished square to fit sides and then top and bottom.

Sew the outside beige strips or whatever light color you used into 2.75 inch strips and then sew those top and bottom and sides to the square.

Now you need to applique the little corners in place. The file below should print out at 2.5 inches high. If you have trouble with it, email me and I will send you the pdf. file.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Well today, was a very long day at work. Thanks for your comment Colleen. This quilt has become a central point in my life. I know the quilt has been found now and am hoping to at least see a pic of the original but that may not happen. If you go over to Esther Aliu's blog - you will get the story.
I will post more progress in a couple of days and get a bit caught up with the blog. This new job has been tough on me this week.

More later and have a great Friday ....