Monday, July 1, 2013

Wonder if this would work for those tiny circles on applique?

Ok, so all day long I have been thinking that there must be an easy way to create all those little circles on Esther's Love Entwined and I finally came up with an idea. Unfortunately I cannot test it yet because I bought the item on ebay and now have to wait till I receive it to try it out.

Esther mentioned using the dissolving backing for the applique so I got thinking about that and if you could cut those little circles the right size to begin with in that backing, it would make it pretty simple to get perfect circles. But... then I don't like cutting fabric circles either. I know, I know, lazy quilter but if you could make that process easier, why not? I have used my paper circle punches to cut fabric before and it works well if you starch the heck outta the fabric first, then punch it. So, I have a 1/2 circle punch here already and it is only slightly bigger then the size for those circles on the compass center block.
I just needed to find an 8 mm circle punch and that is where ebay came in. One of the sellers has them so I of course bought it.
Here is the idea. Punch out the little circles with the 8 mm punch from the dissolving backing, then punch out the fabric with the 1/2 inch circle cutter and just glue the edges to the back of the 8 mm dissolving backing.
No need for stitching or removing anything once the circle is made and then I can stitch it onto the compass.
I think you could put fusible fleece onto the 8 mm circle before you covered it with the fabric too and it would add some depth. Wonder if that is cutable with the punches? I bet it is.

What do you think, will it work? Would it be the perfect circle solution? Wish I could test it sooner.

Here is the circle cutter I bought.