Sunday, June 30, 2013

Love Entwined - The beginning

Well Hello, Long Time since I posted. I got caught up in the excitement over Esther's Love Entwined. The first set of instructions came up on Thursday and I could not wait to get it going. I gotta tell you that this one is really, really taxing my abilities.....sheesh.. Having only been a quilter for about 1.5 yrs now I was very skeptical about being able to do this one but I am very determined.. The compass is very difficult to do and get it right.
I have it mostly done except for the small circles around the outer edge of the compass. Hopefully tomorrow I will have time to do them.
You can see the picture of the block and all the circles around it. Those are only 8mm round - that is pretty tiny. The size of the circle to the point that I have completed is 8.5 inches.
I tried using the dissolving backing to make the circles and it worked really well.

I will post some pictures below of how I did that.
The center compass, I paper pieced because I don't think I could have done the rotary cuts accurately enough to make it work.

One of the ladies on the Yahoo group suggested using washers for the smaller circles. I jumped on that one. I think it will make life easier and I won't have to worry about them when I iron them down. I will probably put some type of stuffing in them to make them appear a bit fuller and raised up a bit. For non-quilters, you do remove the washers :-)

This first picture shows the fabric cut out from the template provided by Esther and also the dissolving backing in place and cut 1/4 inc smaller then the actual fabric ring.

Also, did you notice all that applique on the larger area of pattern in the above picture?  It makes me break out in a cold sweat lol. DETERMINATION.

 I clipped around the inside to make the circle lay better. After I had it all in place, I really went over it looking for any dents that made the circle look not circular. I had quite a few (Blush, blush)

Then I laid it over top the compass to make sure that the corners were gonna meet correctly and of course there is always one in the bunch. So, I ripped that back out and corrected it.

Once I was pretty sure that everything would line up. I put a bit of fabric glue around the edges and pressed the outer ring on. I then hand stitched around it.

So then, I checked the measurements. Suppose to be 8.5 inches but uh oh - it isn't. It actually measured 8.75 so I had to go back and turn under an 1/8 inch all around the outside. I am glad that I did because now the circle is better as I could straighten out the last of the "dents" or bows.

Now, I am happy with the results. Those little circles could be something else but I will post about those when I get to that point.

AND I got the block instructions for Pam Buda's sew along and I will be starting that this weekend as well. I will let you know how that one goes too.

Have a great rest of the LONG WEEKEND.

Happy Birthday Canada.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Fun Begins....

Well tomorrow is the day. The Love Entwined BOM will be beginning and I am so looking forward to this, as well as about 400 others lol.
I have placed a button on the side bar. Check it out. I heard it is not for the squeamish with lots of applique and really small pieces. This one will be interesting and THANK YOU Esther for giving so much of your time and talent so that so many people can enjoy it.

Also, another free BOM is beginning on Friday at Heartspun Quilts. Another great designer offering up her talents so others can enjoy..

Sunday, June 16, 2013

From Esther's Blog: Introducing Love Entwined: 1790 Marriage Coverlet

Esther's Blog: Introducing Love Entwined: 1790 Marriage Coverlet:

'via Blog this'

Patiently waiting for this to start... I don't know if I can do it yet but am sure set on making my best effort.
I have been checking out what colors were popular at that time and also snooping the net for any information on this quilt. So far no luck on the quilt but I did find this lovely color palette from that era

These are such beautiful colors, I think I will work around these for the quilt. What do you think?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Antique Quilt Block

It has certainly been awhile since I blogged here. I have a new block pattern from an antique quilt that I found on pinterest. It says "maker unknown" so I recreated the pattern and hopefully I am not infringing on anything by posting it. If it is, I certainly will remove it.

So.... here it is.

I am posting this up to the craftsy pattern site.

I am also just in the process of creating this block so if you are interested in trying it with me check it out on craftsy for the pattern. My link is at the top on the right side of the blog. It is a large block 18 x 18 so will go together quickly - the points on the pine cones are a bit tedious but worth it. Will post my progress as I go.
I would like to make a large quilt from it but not sure of the setting for it yet. 


Monday, June 3, 2013

A Really Big Finish!!

I am s00000000o excited. I finished the top of my quilt. The star promenade from Stitchin Heaven BOM.

I had to take this picture from the upstairs loft of the house. It measures 90 by 90.

Here is a pic of the original from Stitchin Heaven

I absolutely love this quilt and that I finally finished it after over a year just makes me feel such a sense of accomplishment. 

Now onto "A Little Porch Time" finishing and also my quiltsbydarlene quilt that I am working on.

Have a great rest of the day everyone....

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Quilting Update

Today was one of those days when I actually got some stuff done. And it was also one of those very frustrating days.

First the good stuff.
This was from a free pattern I found on the internet and for the life of me, I cannot remember where.
It has sat here for quite awhile and I had trouble with the edging. Had to rip it out several times and then set it aside and did not look at it again till today. So... it was nice to get this one totally done. This one is very small about 18 x 18 inches

This was one of Heartspun Quilts Pocket patchwork sew alongs. I just finished this one as well today. I checked her website and she has another one planned for the near future. She has such beautiful patterns. It is a small quilt again and measures about 24 inches by 30 inches. Oh, and it really is not crooked as it looks in the photo.

 This one is from Stitchin Heaven and was a BOM
called Star Promenade. I have been working on this one for over a year. Today I managed to get the corner blocks on at the bottom front. This is where all my frustration came into play today. I had to rip this out so many times. I started this one when I was very new to quilting and it sure was not what I should have started on for a beginner. Although I was very careful about points being correct etc I had a hard time fitting the triangle to the corners. I ended up having to add 1/2 inch to the border on the big center and then I got it to fit. As you can see, I still have the top 2 triangles to add yet but am making good progress on this finally and so I should be able to finish this one up through this week. This is a very large quilt as well. 98 inches square I believe.

All in all, it was a good day for me for quilting.

I am going to Regina this week. I was there last week and visited an antique shop. It is 3 floors and filled with antiques. Wish I had a much larger pocketbook when I look around there. But... Last week I finally found one of those old chests with the curved top. I love those things and the price was good so, I got her to hold it for me till I go back this week. I will post pics when I get it home. It needs to have some cosmetic work done but she will be a beauty.

Have a great rest of the day or evening, depending on where you are.