Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pattern Tutorial

I hope everything is going great in your world. The long weekend is near here in Canada and I am so looking forward to having some stitiching time. I am also headed to Moose Jaw to buy a beautiful treadle sewing machine this weekend. I am so looking forward to getting it. Don't know where I will put it yet but will post pics when I have it home.

I have a little tutorial planned for you here, if you would like to partake. This is my newest pattern posted to Craftsy. At first glance it may appear a bit intimidating but if you follow along (and cheat a bit like I did) you will see it is fairly simple. You can purchase pattern here.

This is the picture of the pattern.

When I uploaded this to Craftsy, I did not have the embroidery pattern tested and so it was not included. I do plan to add the machine embroidery pattern to it now that I have had it tested. You could do this in hand embroidery and what is included in the original pattern will work wonderful for that. Or you can cheat and take the .dst file to an embroidery shop like I did and voila, beautiful stitches and at a very reasonable price too. If your sewing machine does embroidery, you may be able to do this on it, if your hoop sizes allow you to go big enough. Mine does not.

 So here it is after it was done at the shop. This was done at my work, Top Line Advertising Products in Weyburn. I took the material in and Shayla, who I work with, was kind enough to do this for me on her lunch.
Now, I needed to get the pattern shape traced on the outside front of the embroidery.
I used a white chalk pencil and placed the print out included with the pattern as my guide.
Here, I have it directly placed over top of the embroidery. Just peak under the edges to make sure that it is fairly centered. Then draw around the outside with the chalk pencil. Remember to add an extra 1/4 inch all around the outside for you to turn under the edges.
Here it is after I have removed the paper template and you can see the outline. Carefully cut around this outline for the top section of the pattern. Don't cut too deep into where the bottom section is because you do need some extra fabric for that section as well. Just let the bottom section sit for now.
It is now ready to turn under the edges. I use water soluble glue for this but you can turn them under in whatever way is your favorite method.

All cut out and ready to turn under the edges.
Here I have it now with the edges turned under and ready to attach the bottom.  When I originally designed this pattern I had intended for the bottom of the machine to be done in two sections but then I changed my mind later and welded them together to have the feet cut out at the same time as the bottom embroidered section.
 .Now as you can see here I turned under the top edge of the bottom embroidery piece at the top and have attached it to the upper piece of embroidery.

 Also, as I mentioned earlier, I had intended for the bottom to be in 2 sections and since I forgot that I changed that, you can see I will have to make it in two sections now because I did not leave enough extra material at the bottom for the feet of the machine. Please refer to the template included in the pattern and allow enough extra for the feet so you can do this all in one. As I have just proved to you and myself, my brain is getting rusty LOL. 

So that is as far as I am for today and will continue on with this on the weekend with more instructions for you. If you purchase the pattern and want the .dst file (or in another format) I can send it to you - just drop me an email

Have a great rest of the day.