Sunday, March 31, 2013

First things first. The free pattern is here. Sheep
This pattern has now been moved to Craftsy for purchase, also on Patternspot ( Look for the badge on the top left of my page) It is selling for 1.50

I did this one in some scrap fabric and then the sheep are all in wool. The blue is the binding I used. well, until my sewing machine did a bit of a weird thing.
I panic when my machine makes noises and I get really, really worried. It turned out that I had used it so much it was in desperate need of a cleaning. I have a janome and I absolutely love it.

It also does embroidery and I have a free embroidery program that I downloaded called stitch era universal. Incredible for a free program, the only limitation is the file sizes, it won't save over 40,000 stitches. So I use that and then send the files to the Janome.

So, I have decided to take a day or two break from the quilt and maybe try abit of cross stitch. I found a pattern site today that is absolutely incredible.

You could be there for hours looking and downloading. Yikes. Alot of alphabet charts and some really incredible sampler charts.

Ok, so I did make some progress on the quilt yesterday again. I am uploading the new top piece. It will print out in one big pattern over several sheets of paper. It is here

Here is the progress I have made on that so far.

This is the original pattern picture for this, you can see that the fabric really changes the look and gives it a much better viewing. 

And I also mentioned that I had re-styled a new version with the US flag. Now this one will be very labour intense but worth it when it was finished. I added prim roses for the US flower and also a great huge eagle, he is very majestic. When I lived in Qualicum Bay on Vancouver Island BC, we had so many bald headed eagles around all the time, they were pure beauty and I wanted this one to express that.
So here it is and I will be posting the pattern for this to sometime this week, although it is almost the same as the one I am making with the exception that some of the applique has changed and also the top square is a bit larger to accommodate the eagle. 

So would appreciate some comments on what you think of this.

So, have a great rest of your Easter Sunday. 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Saturday. Hope your weekend is going well and you are getting plenty of quilting done and also, spending time with your families.

I have been working on the quilt and making more progress today but also, I have some new small patterns that I am trying out and will be posting up to the tomorrow.

Here is a sneak peak of those. Theses ones are meant to be fast and fun, so fusible it is at least for the small versions because there are some small parts for sure. I am also adding a larger version that you could put on the wall, so it will be 12 x 12 inches for each and the smaller ones for mug rugs will be sized to 8 x 8 inches. And just so you can try the pattern out without purchasing them all, I will post the first one, the sheep as a free pattern on the blog here.

Here is the start to that one, which I used fusible with  

( I have a new block picture to post so I removed the tester block picture, it will show the block done with wool instead - posting that up in the morning as I still have some stitching to do)

I still need to add the border arond the sheep and do the finishing. I am thinking that small beads will work great for the eyes on these. 
Please check back tomorrow and I will post the pattern and hopefully the finished mug rug. Also, some more pictures of the progress on the quilt. 

Have a great rest of the day....

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A bit further along

Hope you have a great Easter Weekend everyone!!

Well, I managed to get some work done on the quilt today. My round of not feeling well has eased off a bit. I think I must have caught the flu again from the grandkids. So much gets passed around with the kids in school - kinda feel sorry for them.

So first I decided to tackle the flag in the center panel of the quilt. I wanted it to look old so thought I would try some experimenting with that. I did use tea die but did it a bit differently - more on that later in the post.

So here is the pattern printed out and laid in place on center panel.

 Here the paper pieces are cut apart and the red and white sewn together.

 Next I cut out the maple leaf pieces and transferred the pattern to freezer paper and I left the original pattern in place till I got the placement to put the sections back on. You can see them placed in the next pic

I turned under edges and tacked them in place with a little tacky glue - not much though.
I mixed up a wicked brew of tea die and put it in a spray bottle and headed down to the basement. My idea was that I wanted a shadow in the section of the flag that is suggestive of a fold in the fabric. I had to pin it upright as you can see in next photo. I only wanted that section to be darker. If you do this, make sure that the sprayer is on a very fine spray and start about half way, then spray alot more when you get to the bottom. Let this dry and spray more if it isn't dark enough for you.
You have to smudge it a bit or you get a ringed area and you don't want that. You can see that happening in the right side of this pic. I just sprayed a bit more and then wiped it with a cloth and it worked out fine. No more line of smudge.

Here it is put together and you can see it worked out fine to give a bit of shadow but then I thought below the stem needed some too so I added it on there as well.
From here I appliqued it onto the panel and then I went on to add the flying geese down the side.

Here it is with geese down the side and also the extra pieces set in to align with the top section.
You will also notice here that my top section is empty. I mentioned earlier that I did not like the colors in the top section that I used and so I changed it up a bit. I also designed another top for it as well. So there is an alternate that I will be posting later on when I get that finished. Also, I re-designed the top for the US version of this as well. Now that one will be a surprise for you and if you like the American looking stuff, you will like the one I have done. (You have to wait for it though)

So, here are the files so far for these sections of the quilt. The tulips are here. The square behind the tulips measures 10.5 inches by 23inches.
The canadian flag file is here.( This will print out over 10 pages of paper, make sure you do not hit fit to page or it will not come out the right size)  And the file for the flying geese is here.

So, that is it so far. Have a wonderful weekend this weekend!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Old Block Patterns

I confess I have been off work the last couple days - sick. Jeez, this year has been a bad one for illness for me. I guess it must be the extended winter weather or maybe I am just sick of all the white stuff and would rather feel the sun and see the green plants and flowers coming up.

So, I happened upon this web page and wow, talk about the mother load of old style patterns.
You could spend hours here checking these out.

So, if you are not quilting, you could be planning your next project with these beauties, I know I will be.

Did I mention, they are all free. Love it.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Back to Work

I am back to work today so the quilt will have to wait till I get some more time to work on it. I did manage to get the last 2 corner applique blocks done last nite. I will have to figure out what to do with the color on the top section. The pattern itself is working out fine, just my color choice for the orange did not really do what I wanted it to do. 

A friend of mine has started a blog on walking, hiking Vancouver Island. Oh I know I am gonna miss it like crazy when she starts posting the pics up. You can visit her blog here
I am hoping to go back home for awhile to visit my son and his family in Comox and sure hoping to be able to get together with Fran again. And Char, oh how I miss her.... Yikes, see I knew it would make me miss them all and she has not even posted pics yet.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Quilt Progress Update

It is really amazing what a lazy Sunday afternoon and some good tunes can let you do. I finished up the blocks and also got the center strip sewn up.

Now I do have a problem though. I don't like the orange I used for the sun. Its too bright for this quilt.

What do you think? The flag will be muted reds and I wanted to use a really washed out white with that. So it will be dull as well so .....
Do I try tea spraying it or take it apart and change the color?

I guess I will have to think on that for a bit and will post any changes later on. Have a great rest of the Sunday, cause guess what? Tomorrow it is back to work day. Where did the weekend go?

Progress on the Quilt

Good Morning on this snowy Sunday (here in Weyburn anyways..... Haven't we had enough of this snow crap yet?)

I made some progress on the quilt yesterday. Added the 2nd basket and also, the cat and the crow.

The cat was a bit jagged so I just cut away the parts and made him smoother. Easier going to get the applique right. I also added the 2nd basket and used a heart instead.

The pattern for the cat and the crow are here and here.

The vines and leaves are here. I have not gotten all my leaves or vines done yet as you can see.

Today I am going to take a break from all the applique and move on to the blocks. There are 2 different blocks that I have used in this. You will need 3 of each. Links are here (for the 9 patch) and here for the shoo fly block.

Link to the original pics of the quilts here, in case you need a refresher.

Yesterday I was checking out ebay for some fabric (Yes I am addicted to ebay shopping)  and I happened on some fabric from Henry Glass which of course I had to buy but anyways.... I visited the site and wow, what amazing free patterns. You really need to check these out if you haven't already. Visit Here.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Friday....

 My working on the quilt is being a bit hindered tonight but will be posting up more files and my advances by tomorrow evening. That is my cat - his name is Da Vinci he loves being the centre of attention and does not take too well to anything - even my quilting - getting in the way.

I mentioned before that I work at Top Line Advertising in Weyburn, and it just so happens that my boss and her sister Marnelle are wonderful quilters. I know Margo teaches quilting but not sure about Marnelle. Margo mentioned that on my quilt a mountie hat where the cat is on the top would be nice as well. I am contemplating that and I will post up a picture and the file so that if you want you could do that.

He is so photogenic eh? Also a real pest.

I posted awhile ago about the Denver Post Archives and they were putting up some old quilt block patterns from the 30s so I hope you had a chance to go look at them and snag them up like I did... But this week they have posted up some other trivia items about palm reading. You can find them here if you would like to have a look at them.
They post some very unique stuff here and worth a look.

Grab the quilt blocks too if you get a chance to look them over. I think they posted 25 in total.

So, I guess I am off to fight my cat off the quilting so far and see if I can't get more done.

Happy Friday, everyone.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stolen quilt dumped in bin | Otago Daily Times Online News : Otago, South Island, New Zealand & International News

Stolen quilt dumped in bin | Otago Daily Times Online News : Otago, South Island, New Zealand & International News
The beginning of spring has been cancelled. Frantic sharing is building on facebook and the groundhog is in deep CAW CAW. I don't know if he will ever live this one down.

So, other then it has been completely horrible to have more snow now then we had all winter (seriously) it has been an extremely bad day for accidents. 

There was a 100 car pile up near Edmonton today. Don't know how badly anyone was injured but will hope they are all ok. 

I am sure glad I was not out and about that way. 

On the better side, Canadians always have a good sense of humor when it comes to the weather.

Hope is in sight though!!!

Here is a new little pattern for you. It at least makes me think of spring and forget a bit about all this snow. Pattern is here. Finished size is 34 by 34 inches. 

Also, please check in this weekend for more parts to the Canadian/US
flag quilt that I have been posting. Have a great Friday tomorrow!!!

Here is a pic of the Canadian/US quilt in case you missed my post for that. Not sure how to create a permanent link to the pic, so I will try to work that out yet.  

Monday, March 18, 2013

Beginning the quilt along

Well, I am posting the pattern parts for the first section of the quilt which is the middle top with the cat and 2 baskets.
Please bear with me because I have never done tutorials online before, so if you have any problems please email me or leave a comment and I will try to explain better. This is actually a really easy pattern to do because it is not very exacting except with the blocks and even then, there is room for any overage/underage allowances.
Anyway onto the first part which is the first row of blocks along the top. I used whatever I had for scrap fabric and tried to use a light and dark for each block but since this is just in the works, you can use whatever combination of colors you would like to use. Each block will finish out at 4.8 inches and the finished size of the whole row of blocks will be 48.5 inches (.25 seam allowance on either side)

The rotary cutter instructions for the HST blocks are here
and if your prefer a paper template, it is here
Link to the star applique for these is here

My stars before I appliqued them on to the block

These are my blocks for the first row.

For the top row, you will need 8 finished HST blocks and 2 star blocks. You can also go ahead and do one more row like this that will be used for the bottom of the quilt later on with the same amount of blocks.

The next section is the large area that is behind the pails and cat. This measures 48.5 wide by 16 inches high. I used up some similar color fabrics and sewed them together for the right size but you can also use a solid piece of fabric for yours - your choice. I went ahead and sewed this onto the blocks before I did my applique on it but you could do applique first and then sew, depending on how you prefer to do this.
Also, I prefer to use freezer paper and then glue my edges under ( I use water soluble glue) before I actually sew it on but you can use whatever method you find suitable.

Here you can see that I have sewn fabric together to create the right size for the solid back piece.

The next step is the sun in the background. The pdf file for that is here. Make sure to print the pattern out at the size in document. DO NOT use FIT TO PAGE or you will not come out with the right size. 
I folded the sun in half and also folded the background fabric in half to find the center points as for positioning. The sun measures finished at 10 inches high by 21 inches wide. Remember to allow a seam allowance if you are turning under the edges. I use 1/4 of an inch.

Here you can see the sun positioned in the center of the fabric and sewn down.
I should mention here that you can use any stitch you usually use when appliqueing. I like to use a blanket stitch and thread to match the material but once again, this can be whatever you prefer.
The sun should be positioned close to the bottom and it is not necessary to fold under the bottom of the sun as there is a material strip that will be sewn onto this and it will catch the bottom of the sun so a raw edge here is fine.

Ok, so far so good.  I hope. :-)

Next is the baskets.
There is only one pdf for the baskets as each is a mirror of the other. So print two out but one should be opposite to the other. Once again, make sure that you print at document size and do not use the FIT TO PAGE option. 

The basket pdf is located here.

In the above picture you can see that I have already placed the first basket and am still working on the second one. I used a mini sun in the basket but you could put a simpler pattern in there instead if you like, maybe a heart would be nice.
Anyways.... I will leave you with getting these done for now and will post more later this week as I get more finished.

Hope you enjoy making this along with me.

Ok so this quilt was too huge lol. So now I have scaled it down to a better size. So the finished size will now be 60 inches wide by 80 inches high. I hope someone will join along with me to try this quilt. It is always more fun when you have someone working along side you. (See previous post for pic of quilt)

I will post first parts of the pattern tonight for you.

Have a great rest of the day....
Ok so here is what I am working on now. Been awhile since I blogged anything. My boyfriend's mother passed away last week and prior to that was down and very sick. Winter is not my cup of tea for sure.
We just gotted hit with a very big snow storm and even my work is cancelled today.

So, anyways.... As promised here is a picture of the pattern and quilt that I am working on right now.

I am doing the canadian version ofcourse but will be posting the information for the US version as well.
I spent all week trying to find the book hodgen camp 1924 and ofcourse, it is nowhere on the internet, so I sat here and decided to try designing one that is similar.
Only problem was that I started creating the pdf files for the pattern and realized that I had designed this very big from what I had in mind. So, this quilt is pretty huge and sizing out at 100 inches long by 75 inches wide. I have the top most panel done and am getting ready to move on to the other parts below the shelf.

Will post my progress later on today and information for you to quilt along if you like.

Monday, March 4, 2013

I love the old Block Patterns, especially when they are Free

Old Time Patterns I came across tonight -link is here

The Denver Post has some great archive posts right now of old quilt blocks. Check that out before it is over because right now they are on block 17 of 25 (you can still get the first 17 on the site)

Visit Here - The Archive