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There is a free quilting frame plan on this page. About a third of the way down and on left side. These are very useful items and easy to move around. The ones I have seen are virtually the same and sell for about 200.00.
This one is a free download will all directions, which can be altered if you would like a smaller frame. I think that I would use 1.5 or 2 inch pipe and buy fittings that would fit to this size of pipe. Easy to make and best of all the pattern is free.

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Lone star blocks

This is a picture of my progress on the lone star quilt I posted last week. I was led to believe that the lone star was a very hard bit of piecing but I bet whoever said that did not try these flower blocks LOL. Nightmare material.
It is snowing like the dickens out today and blowing. Ahh winter. Don't ya just love it for sewing time but not much else. Have a great Sunday......

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Quilt Pattern Books

Quilt Pattern Books: I had no idea that you could still purchase Aunt Martha's pattern books and transfers. Check it out here. The price is really reasonable.

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Lone Star from Old pattern

My father came over to give christmas gifts and he also brought some magazines and quilt books for my sister and I. He likes to visit a 2nd hand book shop in Yorkton and since he knows that my sister and I love quilting, he grabs up any quilting books or magazines.
His wife teases him that the lady at the bookshop thinks he is a quilt addict. LOL. Of course my dad just laughs about that.... but he never tells her differently. Anyways... he brought about 30 books and this is one of the magazines pictured above.
Now I have never wanted to do a lone star, they never really appealed to me but this one just stood out to me.
This magazine is from 1983 and it really intrigued me and I wanted to try it. Well, when I get really excited about something, I go at it full tilt and managed to get the lone star completely done today.
I am not really fond of the oranges so I changed them to pinks and I still have quite a bit of work to go before this is completed but so far I love it. I found a tutorial online for the lone star which is made from strips rather then the templates included in the magazine and that really simplified things and I found that it fit together very well. I am grateful that I took the online tutorial for perfect points because it paid off big time for getting the points, well, perfect on this one.
I will post more progress as soon as it happens- which I am hoping will be tomorrow, when I attempt the flower blocks that fit into the spaces of the points.

Have a great rest of the day...

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Kitty Pin cushion

  Forgot to show you my kitty pincushion. He is still minus his whiskers until I get out to pick up the thin wire and his cushion could have been a bit bigger (Maybe I should make another on top of a mini quilt) Ah well, he is cute anyway. His ears are the same size although it does not look like it on this pic :-)

Have a great rest of the day....

Christmas Quilt Patterns

Lots of christmas quilt patterns here if you are still looking for projects as gifts.

Also, Esther Aliu has done it again. A new free pattern in her group on yahoo. Just beautiful and thank you so much Esther for all you give so freely.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cherry Tree Re-Vamped

Property of Button Box Quilts - Nov 2013 Copyrighted

My re-worked version of the Cherry Tree. This pattern will be available in the next couple weeks at my craftsy pattern site.

New Block Pattern

Sometimes, I get very frustrated with all the commercialism surrounding the holidays. Last year, my family had a Christmas where no one bought anything but instead we had a handmade Christmas. It was very nice to receive and give only handmade gifts.

Commercialism in Christmas 
HA HA HA oops I mean HO HO HO

So, in the true spirit of Christmas giving, here is a free block pattern you.

Pattern for it is HERE

Also, I have been busy designing another pattern but have not managed to find a printer for it. This one would be too large to put out in a pdf form. 

This is a picture of it below.
It is called - The Cherry Tree

I have been thinking about adding a different type of border onto this one but it is such a busy quilt to begin with. But maybe....

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Free Patterns

Free Patterns:

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My pinterest board that is filled with free pattern links.

Free Doll Patterns

Free Doll Patterns:

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Free Quilt Pattern


Well it is a bleak day today here in the Melville area of Saskatchewan. I think I mentioned in previous posts that I do not like winter very much but this year we are lucky to not have a lot of the white stuff on the ground yet and warmer weather is holding so far.

I have a small quilt pattern here for you today.

This was created in EQ7 and I have made a pdf file that includes both rotary cuts and also templates. The overal size of the quilt is 20 by 20 inches. It is a very simple quilt but is quite cheery for the winter months. To finish you just need to add a 2 inch border all around the 4 blocks and finish with binding or you could make it larger depending on how many blocks you would like to make. 

Have a great rest of the day.......

Monday, November 11, 2013

Some History and a Road Trip

Today is Remembrance day and I hope everyone took some time out to remember those that were lost and say respects for them. The pictures below show my grandfather Robert Flemming who was a pilot in WW2 and my grandmother holding my father Robert William. Robert Flemming was killed November 4 and my father was born on November 28th. I cannot imagine how hard it was for my grandmother to have gone through the loss of her husband and the birth of his child all in a month.
 She later remarried Steve Cormier who is the only grandfather that I knew of my fathers side - His picture is also below.
Robert Flemming Lowther
My Grandmother Betty with My Father.
Wedding Day

Steve Cormier

Also, I went on a road trip of sorts this weekend and visited a place called WillowBunch. I have wanted to visit there and see the statue of the Giant that was born and lived in Willow Bunch. While approaching the town, I decided to check out a little more on the history of the Giant. It is a sad tale really but at least a happier ending almost 90 yrs later.
You can read the full story at the link above. 
65d64aa296984e11cf97c92cdad69a28.jpg (308×329)
Edouard Beaupré - The WillowBunch Giant

c4836a2a08617743a915e130683947f2.jpg (1120×671)

 Home of Edouard Beaupré 1890's

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Unusual Quilt Block Pattern and Quilt Pattern

I came across this quilt block pattern and I have not seen it before. I thought that I would share it with you. I have not made this one yet but I think that the best way to approach it is with applique. It is set on a solid background block which is 10 by 10 inches the pattern says but I would cut it at 10.5 x 10.5 if you plan on adding more squares to it.

The pdf pattern is here

Also, here is another unusual block and I have been playing with EQ7 so it is pictured in a quilt here

The pattern for it is here

The weather here is getting much colder now. Surprise eh? in Saskatchewan lol. The ground today is dusted with white and temp is -5 so I guess that it is not too bad for this time of the year. I find that when winter starts rolling around, I get a round of depression. I have never liked the snow, I am a warm weather person. I like the sun beating down on me and being able to get around seeing new places and things. 
Speaking of new things... I joined a quilting guild in Melville. So I have not been to their meetings yet but I will be going next Tuesday to see what it is all about. There seems to be quite a few ladies involved in it and looks like it will be a lot of fun. I am getting in close to the end of the years activities. They started in April and end in December so I will not get much time in this year but it will give me an idea of what a quild is like. I have always quilted alone.

I have also been working on getting some blocks ready for a spring quilt. I will be posting these ones soon. I will post one every 2 weeks until they are all posted up. Then we can have a nice quilt for the coming of spring. Here is a picture of it.

I do not have a layout yet so am busy working on that in eq7. I will post them in pdf files for downloading. I think it will be part patchwork and part applique. I should have the first one ready for the end of November so check back. I will be altering the colors a bit. 
I have made some more progress on my love entwined but still way behind from the others in the group. I added the embroidered flowers and now I have gotten to 4 centered pieces as you can see here so I added some more color and realized that some of my small star flowers were set too close, so I have to take them off and move them over a bit. Also have to add all those little circles on the edges of the white parts with blue. I thought I might use the really dark burgundy color for those. 

Hopefully you have a great day and I am going to quilt now ......

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Creativity in the Valley

On my way to Weyburn last week going through the Qu Appelle Valley, I stopped to take a picture of this. Someone took some time to create this and wow, what a great job they did. Hope you all had a safe and Happy Halloween this year.

More pictures of the Valley.

I also found this picture of my grandparents at my mom's place and I am pretty sure my Aunt's daughter is the little one in this pic. I sure miss my grandparents.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Embroidery with painted dye

I have not posted for a long time on my blog here, life gets in the way sometimes. I had a mishap with my LE yet again. I washed it and some of the fabric dye leached into another part. Thank goodness it was just a small part but I decided that I would re-vamp some of the parts I had made. They just did not look right to me. Then I decided I wanted to try some embroidery on it. Machine embroidery of course because I have the Janome and it works so wonderfully. Love that Machine.... 
When I finished the little flowers, they looked very pale and so I added some paint on dye. It was what I had left from a course that I took on Craftsy Painted Pictorial Quilts by  Annette Kennedy . If you have not done that course yet, she is such a good instructor and plenty of ideas for your quilts.

I really like the way this turned out now. I can live with the fact that a few are a little closer to the triangles then I had intended but.. it is very hard to get them perfect and since I am not a perfectionist, it is a minor thing.

I also started working on a 2010 Aurifil BOM by Pat Sloan. It is called Meadow Breeze. 


Plus I have some blocks done for my Underground Railroad Quilt. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Old Churches In Saskatchewan

(26) Gidget Lowther: Check out my album. Churches In Saskatchewan.

We had a great time scouring around in old churches today. My sister and I love checking out the old buildings.
We stopped and talked to one of the residents of one town to make sure that it was ok if we went into the church and she said it would be fine. She told me a story about how a man had come to the town and asked them if they would like their church restored and of course they did but ..... She said his restoration consisted of taking all the stained glass windows out and never returning. Shame on them.

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New BOM from Esther Aliu

Hope you are all recovering from turkey dinner yesterday or maybe you are just having it today. Either way Happy Thanksgiving . There is a new bom going up tomorrow in Esther Aliu's yahoo group as well as part 5 of the Love Entwined Bom   I just started again on my Love Entwined and will be posting more pics as soon as possible . I am posting a pic from the new Bom here for now. I probably will not do this one right now but save it for later if life and time permits  . For those who do not have the addy, here it is and

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How to build a rug hooking frame

Free Patterns

Free Patterns:

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My Free Patterns Board on Pinterest. Tons of free patterns

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bit of this and that

About a week ago or maybe 2 weeks ago now, I was at Value Village in Yorkton and came across a printed rug hooking pattern. It was number 7122 and had Bluenose written on it. Well, has that ever started a crazy internet hunting and research frenzy. I found out that the company started in the late 1800's in Nova Scotia Canada and went until the 1960's. I found a lot of information and some other patterns at this site I think I have found a new love. I found a bluenose hooker for making the rugs online at ebay and of course I had to purchase that. I also found an very interesting book on the subject  ,  Rug Art - Rescued From Oblivion. What a great read and a wonderful story.

So, I have now added a hooked rug pattern up on my craftsy pattern store.
This is the picture of it.

Also, I have kinda been being a tourist in saskatchewan lately. My sister has lived in Melville area on a farm for quite a few years now and has gotten to know many of the people there and different bits about the area. So, the one day she was telling me about the churches in the area that are no longer used but still maintained by a member of the community on a volunteer basis. We decided to visit the one. They are always open and you can go in and some of them are very well kept and others are full of mice. But the one we went was just beautiful

You can see the cemetery in this picture but one thing caught my attention and that was a grave that was purposely set outside the church property. It literally jutted out and had a fence that surrounded it on its own.

 So here is the story. Apparently, this lady committed suicide - the grave has a late 1800s date on it- and therefore could not be buried on the church grounds. But it is sad to see this little jut out fenced area and just one little gravestone in it.
I have found many abandoned cemeteries here in Sask. Here is one

 And another that really tugged at my heart was in a farmers field and really overgrown. The one that stood out was a little child's grave. Sad when someone moves away and has to leave a family member behind. I went on to and located the family that the child belonged to. They moved to the states, a year after the child died and had more children. I emailed some of the names but none seemed to know about this little one. So, maybe they never told them about him.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Game board pattern 2

Hope your weekend is going well and your getting some sewing/quilting time in.
I have been very busy this week with work but have managed to get the next installment of the game boards small quilt patterns ready for you. I started working on it today and have a partial tutorial for you.

Here is the picture of this game board. 

This one is 24 x 24 inches (roughly) when finished. The blocks finish at 7.25 inches each. This is another one that you can alter and use up some scraps. I designed the pattern in blue but once I got looking at my scraps, I decided to go a different color version.

We will be working on the inner block first. For this you need to find some scraps that you can cut to 1.25 inches wide by 6 inches long. Longer if you want to make more pieces at time. As you can see in the picture below, I have used oranges, yellows and beige, white for my block.

Sew alternate rows of a lighter and darker shade of the color you have picked to use for your block. Each section will be ,75 inches wide by width of fabric scrap that you have used. Cut these down to make sections that are 3 inches by 8 inches. You will need 2 of the ones pictured below and also another one that is alternate with your 2nd color choice and 3 rows of white, 3 rows 2nd color, 3 rows of white.

This is what the block will look like when sewn together using 1/4 inch seam allowance.  You need to make 4 of these blocks. Also, add a strip of a darker material to the top of these blocks. Here you can alter if your strips aren't exactly the right size. The block unfinished should measure 8 inches by 8 inches.

  I forgot to take the picture before I moved on to the next step in the pattern here but you can see that I have added a dark strip to the top of the block here.

Next we need to cut a neutral color for the corner blocks. They should measure 8 x 8 inches and you need 5 of them as you will be using this also in the centre of the board. I have cut out one of the corners. (see pattern picture above)  

I measured 1.5 inches up from the bottom corner point on each side of the square and cut a 2.25 by 2.25 square, cut in half and added it in the corner.

You can see on the picture above this one how it fits onto the middle block. 

This is as far as I got today but I will continue with the tutorial for you tomorrow. 
The stars will be centred on each of the corner squares. The pdf pattern is here for you to download.

You will have to make 2 as they are in the pdf file and 2 that are reversed. 
Make another set for the bottom of the pattern, same as above and I will be posting the centre section hopefully tomorrow for you. Of course, that depends on the internet connection here, (which really sucks)

Have a great rest of the day....